Saturday, November 02, 2019


Section 1

The Board of ARAOH consists of the President, the immediate past President, the Vice President, the Secretary/Treasurer and 4 other elected members, consisting of two each from Anglo and Franco phone countries.


Section 2

Members of the Board are elected by active and honorary members at the General Assembly for the triennial period separating sessions of the General Assembly. All members may be re-elected for one additional term with the exception of the Secretary/Treasurer who may be re-elected for more than one additional term (see appendix, Article 2).


Section 3 

The Board is empowered to define the policies of ARAOH and authorise expenditure. It may be assisted by the following advisory committees:

The Advisory Committee on –

(a)  membership and the Constitution;

(b)  scientific committees;

(c)  ARAOH congresses; and

(d)  on finance


Section 4

The Board meets at least once before the General Assembly and at any other time which the President may consider to be necessary.


Section 5

The President represents ARAOH in legal and administrative matters and preside at meetings of the Board and the General Assembly. The President has the privilege of fixing the date and time of the General Assembly, as well as those of special meetings of the Scientific Committees.


Section 6

The Secretary/Treasurer will perform all executive tasks entrusted to him or her by the President, and will specifically take charge of the correspondence and minutes of the meetings of the Board and the General Assembly, be responsible for the collection of dues and other financial contributions, deposit all moneys in the name and to the credit of ARAOH, regulate expenditure and make payments under the authorisation of the President. He or she will maintain close contact with the President and the advisory committees of the Board, submit a statement on the financial position for approval to the General Assembly and report on the administration of ARAOH.

The Secretary/Treasurer has the right to call upon active members to assist him or her in matters pertaining to the aims of ARAOH.


Section 7

Auditors will be appointed by the President in collaboration with the Secretary/Treasurer.


Section 8

The Board will consider the budget and will allot funds for the reimbursement of the expenses incurred by its members and the advisory committees in the fulfilment of their duties.


Section 9

In the absence of the President, the Vice President or Secretary/Treasurer the duties of the absentee will be performed by a member of the Board nominated and approved by the Board.


Section 10

Officers of the Board will not receive any remuneration for their services.


Section 11

In the event of a congress not being held at the end of a fiscal period, the Board will be empowered to make such financial and other arrangements as may be necessary for the continuation of the work of ARAOH.


Section 12

Election of the Board

(a)  Election will consist of the simultaneous casting of votes to designate the President, the Vice President, the Secretary/Treasurer and the 4 members of the Board. These members will include Occupational Health physicians, hygienists and nurses and may include chairpersons or secretaries of Scientific Committees. The names of candidates for the election will be submitted to the President in writing by at least three active members, and will be accompanied by the written agreement of the candidates that they are willing to serve if elected.

(b)  The Board will elect from among its number the members of the advisory committees referred to in Article 5, Section 3, of the Constitution.

(c)  The list of candidates will be made known to the members before the session at which the election takes place.

(d)  The President will appoint three scrutineers from the active members.

(e)  In the absence of alternative candidates and in accordance with Article 5, Section 3, of the Constitution, the election or re-election of the President, the Secretary Treasurer or members of the Board may be made by acclamation.