Saturday, November 02, 2019


Section 1

The membership fees for each triennial period are as follows:

(a)  Active membership: As decided upon at the General Assembly  (US$ 30 for 2010 to 2012)

(b)  Associate membership: The same as stipulated for active members in (a) above

(c)  Sustaining membership: Not less than five times the active membership

(d)  Honorary membership: No dues are payable

(e)  Affiliate membership:

-          For societies of less than 200 members: Five times the active membership fee

-          For societies of 200 or more members: Ten times the active membership fee

Membership dues will be reviewed triennially at the General Assembly.


Section 2

The triennial period from the end of one ARAOH congress to the end of the following ARAOH congress is considered as the fiscal period of ARAOH.


Section 3

Membership dues of –

  • active members are payable in the first year of the triennial period;
  • associate members are payable prior to participation in an ARAOH meeting; and
  • sustaining members and affiliate members are payable at any time within the triennial period.


Section 4

All dues are payable into the bank account of ARAOH.


Section 5

In the event of non-payment of dues as cited in Section 3, the defaulting member will not be entitled to vote, either in person or by proxy, or to take part in the activities of a Scientific Committee. Where membership dues are not paid by the last day of the fiscal period this will be interpreted as resignation from ARAOH. Application in accordance with Article 3, Section 1, will be necessary to be reinstated.


Section 6

Any member may resign from ARAOH by sending a written resignation to the Secretary/Treasurer.  No fees will be refunded.