Saturday, November 02, 2019

General Assembly

Section 1

At each congress there will be a General Assembly of the active and honorary members. The agenda of the General Assembly will be prepared by the Secretary/Treasurer with the approval of the President. It will be circulated to all members at least one month prior to the date of the General Assembly. Topics for inclusion on the agenda must reach the Secretary/Treasurer at least six weeks before the General Assembly.


Section 2

At the discretion of the Board or on written request signed by ten or more active, associate and/or honorary members a special General Assembly may be held. Written notice of such a special General Assembly will be given to all active, associate and honorary members at least three months in advance and the purposes for which the meeting is to be held will be stated in such notice. The special General Assembly will be organised by the Board.


Section 3

Each active, associate and honorary member has the right to exercise one vote either in person or by proxy.


Section 4

At meetings of ARAOH all issues will be determined by a majority of votes, unless otherwise specially provide.


Section 5

The Organisation of African Unity (OAU), ECOWAS and other National and African organisations, especially their Scientific Committee or Agencies, the International Labour Organization, the World Health Organization, the International Social Security Association and other international and national bodies whose interests and objectives coincide with the purposes of ARAOH may be invited to send representatives or observers to the congresses and General Assemblies.


Section 6

The General Assembly will be held at such a time and in such a manner as to allow for the following:

(a)  The preparation of the list of candidates for office on the Board

(b)  The election of the Board

(c)  A meeting of the outgoing and incoming officers of the Board

For this purpose the General Assembly may hold two or more sessions.


Section 7

The President will preside at the General Assembly. In his or her absence the Vice President, or in his or her absence the immediate past President, or in his or her absence the most senior member of the Board in terms of age will preside.


Section 8

The business of the General Assembly will include the following:

(a)   Report of the President

(b)   Report of the Secretary/Treasurer

(c)   Report of Chairpersons of Scientific Committees

(d)   Outstanding business

(e)   Election of the incoming Board

(f)    Incoming business, including future congresses and other activities