Saturday, November 02, 2019


Section 1

The following classes of membership will be incorporated in ARAOH:

(a)          Active members

An individual  may become an active member upon fulfilling the following conditions:

(i)            Submission of a completed application form

(ii)           Approval by the Board

(iii)          Payment of the membership fees for the current triennium 

(b)          Associate members

In order to attend any activity of any scientific committee, an individual must become an associate member of ARAOH by paying the required fee for the current triennial period. 

(c)          Honorary members.

An individual who has contributed substantially to the advancement of Occupational Health may become an honorary member upon fulfilling the following conditions:

(i)            Retirement from regular employment

(ii)           Active membership for the past six consecutive years or more 

(iii)          Proposal by three active members

(iv)         Election by two thirds of the active members at the following General Assembly

(d)          Sustaining members

By making a financial contribution to ARAOH, any individual, organisation, industry or enterprise may become a sustaining member upon approval by the Board. 

(e)          Affiliate members

Any professional or scientific organisation pursuing the same objectives as the association may be admitted to affiliate membership upon fulfilling the following conditions:

(i)            Application by the president of the professional or scientific organisation

(ii)           Submission to the Constitution

(iii)          Approval by the Board

(iv)         Payment of membership fees for the current triennium


Section 2

Active, associate and honorary members are entitled to vote, serve as office bearers on the Board or serve on Scientific Committees.  


Section 3

A member may be forced to resign from ARAOH under the following conditions:

(a)   If at least five members submit a request with supporting documents to the Board.

(b)   If the request is approved by two thirds of the Board.