Saturday, November 02, 2019

Scientific Committees

Section 1

Upon proposal by the appropriate advisory committee of the Board and after approval by the Board, the President will decide on the Scientific Committees and appoint their chairpersons and secretaries. According to Article 3, Section 2, the members of the Scientific Committee chosen by the Chairperson must be associate or honorary members who are actively involved.


Section 2

With the approval of the Board, the chairperson of each Scientific Committee may organise special meetings or other activities. He or she will report on the activities and the accomplishments of the Scientific Committee at each ARAOH congress, or whenever required by the President.


Section 3

On request of the Chairperson of a Scientific Committee, the Secretary/Treasurer may be authorised by the President, after consultation with the appropriate advisory committee of the Board, to provide appropriate financial support for the activity of the Scientific Committee concerned. The Chairperson of the Scientific Committee will use this support according to the guidelines established by the Board. Apart from this support the finances for the organisation and conduct of the events referred to in Section 2 will be the sole responsibility of the Chairperson of the Scientific Committee.

Section 4

The activities of each Scientific Committee will be subject to periodic review by the appropriate advisory committee of the Board. A Scientific Committee may be changed or dissolved by the President after completing its mission or in the judgement of the Board.


Section 5

Scientific Committees are entitled to 50% of the fees paid by sustaining members and associate members subscribing especially to promote activity in the field covered by the Scientific Committee concerned.


Section 6

At the request of the Chairperson of a Scientific Committee or of at least five active or honorary members, special meetings, seminars, training courses or conferences may be organised with the approval of the Board.


Section 7

The President and the Secretary/Treasurer are ex-officio members of every Scientific Committee.